Dancers and Performers

M_MikiAristorenas  Miki Aristorenas

M_KarenBuenaventura  Karen Buenaventura

M_KattyBuenaventura  Katty Buenaventura

M_TomCabaltera  Tom Cabaltera
Tom hails from Jolo, Sulu, Philippines where he witnessed his mother perform the Pangalay in its raw form. During his college days in Manila he was a member of a Tausug Dance Troupe and has performed with the Zarzuela Foundation of the Philippines at their production of minda mora. He has performed at the Malacanang Palace, Cultural Center of the Philippines and its Southeast Asian tour. He was also involved in several college stage productions at the University of Santo Tomas.

In 1987, he arrived in Boston to work professionally as a physical therapist for Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. Currently, he is a part owner of a private practice in the Lowell area.

His continued interest in the performing arts led him to know Marijo Fadgrigalan and was involved with her since.

M_RoseCandaza  Rose Candaza
Rose hails from Iloilo City, Panay Island. (Fernandez/Gonzaga from her maternal side and Delano/Arias from her paternal side) She joined Dance Philippines Performance Arts Company (DPPAC) because of her love for dancing and music.

During her college days in nursing she was the chairman of Socio-Cultural Affair of her class and she represented her school in various activities. Before she migrated to the United States, Rose worked as a Project Industrial Nurse at Construction and Development Corporation of the Philippines (CDCP) and as an Emergency Room/Out Patient Department staff nurse at Roberto Oca Workers Clinic and Hospital (Seamen’s Hospital). She is presently employed at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center’s GI Unit as a Registered Nurse.

Rose is very active and affiliated with other organizations. She is a founding member of DPPAC (Dance Philippines Performing Arts Company), KASAMA (Kapatiran Sa Massachusetts) and PNANE (Philippine Nurses Association of New England). In addition to serving as treasurer, Rose also currently serves as KASAMA’s Choral Group Director. She also served as a member of the Board of Directors and was the Vice President of PNANE for three consecutive terms.

Rose is a woman who is loyal to her family and friends, who expects no more than others than she is willing to give. She is married to Teodoro “Boy” Candaza of Carigara, Leyte founder and past President of KASAMA.

M_AnnaCastro  Anna Castro
Dancing seems to run through Anna’s veins. Her background in dance started at a very early age and includes years of ballet training during her childhood up to her high school years.

Along with her family, she moved to the US in 1974, residing in Baltimore, MD. She then moved to Boston, MA. in 1983 for its educational and job opportunities. Her move to Boston jump started her interest in folk dancing. Under the expert guidance of her sister, Marijo Castro Fadrigalan, Anna has been homing-in her skills ever since. She was a principal dancer for the PAMAS Dance Group from 1983-1994 and the Philippine Dance Co. of Boston from 1994-1999. She is a founding dance member of DPPAC and is currently, an officer of the dance company. She continues to appreciate her heritage through her active involvement with the dance company. Anna is employed at Children’s Hospital of Boston’s Department of Lab Medicine. Her other interests include travel, music, movies, art, theater, reading, bowling and of course, anything with dance, be it folk dancing, Hawaiian, ballet or modern!

M_FPO  Marissa Castro

M_RogerChu  Roger Chu
Roger’s passion for dancing started at the early age of 10 when he performed his first Filipino Folk dance called “Carinosa” at the Philippine Chinese Chin Wha School in Manila. He maintained his interest in dancing from high school through college at Mapua Institute of Technology and Ateneo de Davao where he danced the “Pandanggo sa Ilaw”, “La Jota de Moncadena”, and other native dances.

In 1972 Roger immigrated to the USA with a degree in B.S. in Chemical Engineering and settled in Boston where he eventually got his M.S. in Civil Engineering at Northeastern University. He worked with Stone and Webster Engineering as a structural engineer, and he has been with the Department of Environmental Protection as an environmental engineer for the last 19 years.

Roger’s love for the art of dancing found himself enrolling with the Boston Ballet School in 1999. He has been taking classical ballet classes regularly since then. His ballet training is enhanced by taking ballet classes with former CCP/Ballet Philippines ballet dancer, Ronnie Leonardo, at the Centre de Danse du Marais in Paris.

Roger joined DPPAC to express his artistic side through the performing arts of folk dancing, and he hopes to integrate ballet with folk dancing. He enjoys traveling, painting, aerobic dancing, cooking and ballet exercise.

M_FPO  Allena Dennis

M_GelaDennis  Gela Dennis

M_ErwinDimagiba  Erwin Dimagiba

M_NinaDimagiba  Nina Luz Dimagiba
Nina’s penchant for performing arts began when she performed a Hawaiian dance number, Pearly Shells, as a first grader at St. Mary’s Academy in Manila. Having spent most of her growing years in the Boston area, Nina has managed to balance academics and her interest in dance performance and fitness.

Nina took ballet and jazz dance classes, while participating in her school’s cheerleading squad during her high school and college years. A professionally trained and certified fitness instructor with over 17 years of experience, Nina presently teaches Step Aerobics, Cardio Kickboxing, Cardio Latino, and Abdominal Crunch classes at Boston Sports Clubs/HealthPoint in Waltham.

Nina’s history in Filipino folk dancing began in 1982 when she first met Marijo Castro Fadgrigalan, and has continued ever since. She was a principal dancer for the PAMAS Dance Troupe under Marijo’s direction. She then followed Marijo at Philippine Dance Company of Boston serving as Board Members and principal dancer. In 1999, Nina joined Marijo in forming Dance Philippines, serving as Board Member.

Nina holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Business Administration degrees from the University of Massachusetts. She is also serving her 8th year as President of a Waltham-based software development company, Strong Systems.

M_RayDimagiba  Ray Dimagiba

M_FPO  Evelyn Dusaban

M_ErrahFadrigalan  Errah Fadrigalan

M_HannahFadrigalan  Hannah Fadrigalan

M_MarijoCastro-Fadrigalan  Marijo Castro Fadrigalan
Marijo’s dedication to Philippine Dance has long been established for over 30 years. This commitment started with the Bayanihan Philippine National Dance Company with whom she traveled and continued on to various successful productions of Philippine dance in the Boston area. Her sweet and even disposition comes from the Sugarland province of Bacolod, but her industrious creativity and devotion comes from a combination of the Castro/Locsin gene pool. Together with her family, she settled in Boston in 1973 and brought with her the passion for folk dancing. She was the former choreographer for the PAMAS Dance Troupe and a founding member and former choreographer for the Philippine Dance Company (PDCO) of Boston. She currently teaches “DANCE” at the Iskwelahang Pilipino.

When not choreographing or teaching dance, Marijo would be seen hitting the golf greens. She works as a Statistical Specialist at One Beacon Insurance in downtown Boston.

M_MicGuaring  Mic Guaring
Mic, an Ibanag/Itawes, is originally from Solana, Cagayan. He emigrated to the United States in 1995 to work as a physical therapist.

Mic’s love for folk dancing started in his elemenatry school days, when he was a member of the school dance troupe that went to compete and win in various folk dancing competitions. Mic continued his interest in folk dancing in high school and in college, where he was a member of the UP Filipiniana Dance Troupe.

Mic joined the Dance Philippines Performing Arts Company of Boston to further pursue his love for folk dancing and to strengthen his ties with his cultural roots. Mic believes that in a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society such as the US, one has to have a strong and definite ethnic and cultural identity, or else one will just be “another face in the crowd”.

Aside from folk dancing, Mic loves to explore places alone. He also loves the 17th century Dutch painter Johaness Vermeer and his dream is to see all of his thirty two or so paintings scatttered all over the world. So far, he has seen twenty three of them.

M_LizPurugganan  Liz Purugganan
Liz learned to love dance beginning at an early age. Born in Manila, she took Hawaiian/Tahitian lessons with Mrs. Alice Jimenez, ballet lessons with Joji Felix Velarde, Jazz dance lessons with Odon Sabarre. From these talented and patient teachers, Liz applied what she learned and choreographed dance performances for her school from high school through college.

Liz graduated from the College of the Holy Spirit earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Food and Nutrition. In 1986, she immigrated to the United States with her son Jay, to join her loving husband Ed. Liz earned her Nursing degree from Northeastern University in Boston. A trained Registered Nurse, she works as a Staff Nurse at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital.

Liz’s passion for dance is burning and still present. She choreographed the Hawaiian/Tahitian dance for the Philippine Dance Company of Boston and recently joined Dance Philippines Performing Arts to learn the various Filipino dances from one of the finest Filipino dance choreographers, Marijo Castro Fadrigalan.

M_MichaelPurugganan  Michael Purugganan
My grandfather says, “You should put art in everything you do.” So, I mold my life as artistic as possible, with the simplest details that can add more meaning to my life and to others as well. I use art as my medium for sharing my talent to touch at least a single soul in every performance and know that I connected with that person and move their inner being in conveying a message whether its on stage or in daily life. I do this out of service and entertainment… making the audience happy and bringing them joy in whatever medium I use. Whether its thru my actions, thru song, or thru dance… that’s my passion.

M_RitaThorne  Rita Thorne

M_GiaVirrey  Gia Virrey