Our Mission

The DANCE PHILIPPINES Performing Arts Co, Inc. (DPPAC) is the personification of a vision. This vision is to preserve the history of the Philippines through the introduction and development of Philippine folk dance, music, songs and costumes. One of the primary missions of the company is to enhance the understanding and appreciation of Philippine cultural arts by presenting to the general public, the exotic and graceful movements of Philippine folk dances, proudly showing the traditions and character of the Filipino people and showcasing the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the Philippines.

To focus on its goal, DANCE PHILIPPINES is proud to present its SAYAW PAMBATA, the company’s folk dance group for children ages 6 to 17. The program offers ‘basics’ to intermediate to advanced courses for the grade school to high school aged company members.

DANCE PHILIPPINES offers FREE memberships to all interested parties. Training is provided by a resident choreographer and experienced dance masters. Staff members, officers, including choreographers, costume and props hands, parents and friends, all work as volunteers. Dance costumes, props and accessories are also provided to all the performing members at no cost.

The company was organized and incorporated as a not for profit organization under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It has qualified for exemption from Federal tax under Section 501 © (3) of the IRS code. The company survives through generous donations from their performances and other private sectors.

The choreographer, staff and core members of the DANCE PHILIPPINES Performing Arts Co. (DPPAC) have been instrumental in helping fund raising events for other Filipinos.