The DANCE PHILIPPINES Performing Arts Company, Inc. (DPPAC) offers a glimpse of the complex and captivating world of the Philippines.

The multi-faceted history of the Philippines, an archipelago of more than seven thousand islands, come from the various invaders and colonizers that have settled in this, “The Pearl of the Orient Seas.” The Philippines was discovered by Ferdinand Magellan in 1521 and named after King Philip II of Spain ….. invaded by the Chinese in 1574 ….. raided by the Dutch in 1600 ….. occupied by the British for two years …..a Spanish colony for nearly four hundred years ….. ceded by Spain to the United States in 1898 ….. an American Commonwealth for almost 50 years ….. captured by the Japanese in 1942 ….. liberated by the United States and finally proclaimed independent in 1946. The parade of various cultures …..European, American, Arabian, Chinese and others, all blended with the original Malay stock of the Filipinos who descended from Malay seafarers and traders.

The unique blending of cultures brought from foreign lands, as well as those that existed with the early Filipinos can be characterized in the dances, music and costuming of the early Filipinos. All these have brought about the beauty and charm that is uniquely ……

Through the medium of dance, music, songs and costumes, DANCE PHILIPPINES is proud to present these facets of Philippine culture.